My Life, My Decisions
                                                 (A Life Time Decision)

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The future depends on what we do in the present.                ... Mahatma Gandhi


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Housing has always been an important milestone in one’s life.This is one of the three basic needs Bread,Clothes and Roof of any human being. As soon as one starts working, one of the first things he/she wants to own , is a house, which he /she identifies as his/her personal belongings.

A house ,not only gves a solace to the individual, but this is a place which he/she can make and live , the way he/she wants. One cherishes for it at the earliest in life, though he/she also knows that it is not that easy, so he compromises with a rental house, which definitely is his/hers own. But, the day he/she is in a position to make one, without delay he/she will go for it.

Two options are always there:

from which one has to select. But, yes, ultimately Buy a House is the final choice.

Buy a house   -- Buying house is difficult, particularly in the initial stages of one's career, because it calls for huge investment and thus the question of finance the house becomes a problem.

Rent a house -– is always possible and probably an easier decision. Question always remains which option is better whether to buy a house or go for renting. If, one want to buy the house/flat then the next question is, how and where from arrange the funds.

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There are people who want to build there house as per their choice , for them a comparison has been provided, so that, they can understand the pros and cons of all the options and then take their decision.

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