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                                                 (A Life Time Decision)

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The future depends on what we do in the present.                      ... Mahatma Gandhi

Why Insurance ?

Img Area Insurance is a way of managing risks. When you buy insurance,the risk to a certain degree is transferred to the insurance company by paying certain premium to the insurance company.Insurance companies , in turn invest this money in different ways, so that the invested money grows and the insurance company can comfortably pay the claim either before or at the time of maturity.
Insurance is something that every body needs for the unexpected/unfortunate happening that may occur without any warning. Number of companies, both goverment and private, today are offering Insurance schemes/services to individuals and families. The insurer after necessary study and evaluation must go for the right insurance policy choosing the most suitable option.

Insurance in following areas must be considered:

Life Insurance:

Img Area Life is uncertain. It is therefore necessary to plan for that unfortunate time that may snatch all the happiness from the family members. If planned properly the unfortunate time may not remain as difficult as without planning.

Many individuals and their advisors consider life insurance as the cornerstone of their financial plan. While the main purpose of life insurance is to help take care of your family in the event of your death, policies can also serve other purposes including:

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Health Insurance:

Img Area An old saying that everyone must have heard in his childhood i.e. Health is wealth. As such we need to take care of our health. The health is important not only of the head of the family but for each and every member of the family. Therefore sufficient health cover must be taken for every family member.
With the rising medical cost of private hospitals and swelling crowd at the goverment hospitals, it becomes all the more important rather critical for every individual to plan and go for suitable Health Insurance.To add further, the changing lifestyle and the increasing stress in our day to day life makes it necessary to have this insurance. The Health insurance policy will adequately take care of all such expenses (however heavy it may be) of such evetuality. There , expenses on health insurance is not a luxury but a necessaity, so one must go for it.

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Vehicle Insurance:

Img Area This insurance is similar to Life or Medical Insurance. One does not know as to when he/she will be needing this insurance. Vehicle is an integral part of our life because,we are so much dependent on it. We need/use it on daily basis, as such we can not afford, if it is not with us for whatever reason. Therefore, insurance of vehicle is must to secure the vehicle from any kind of mishap/accident that may result into heavy expense. The insurance in that situation becomes very helpful. Moreover, Insurance policy is mandatory to carry while driving the vehicle, so that , in case of checking by the traffic police, the driver is not challaned or put under embarassment.
Vehicle insurance is therefore a must. The necessary details may be obtained by the individual company's website or insurance agent, that may enable the owner to take appropriate action/cover for their vehicle.

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Home Insurance:

Img Area Similar is the need of Home insurance. This becomes necessary in situations like theft/burgalary, flood,fire, earthquake etc. Home or Household insurance is to secure your assets like building, jewellary, TV, Refrigerator, Computers etc. in such situations. One can pick and choose the right policy depending on his needs. Home insurance, therefore is necessary so that ,whenever the need arises, one gets the insurance amount from the insurance company and with least possible expense from your pocket, one can rebuild their assets.

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N.B.: Please carefully study/understand all the options/offerings/benefits made by the Insurance Company, before deciding to go for it.