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The future depends on how competent you are in AI & ML. If the AI knowledge is good, the future is definitely going to be good.       ...A renowned AI Expert.

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Knowledge Bank has been developed as a huge warehouse consisting of all types of articles ranging from Data Science for beginners to seasoned developers, Researchers, Data Architects, Scientists and experts in their respective fields.The focus of course is on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
List of topics on which the articles are available is mentioned below and this list is ever increasing both with latest topics and articles.

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Artificial Intelligence and The Power Sector

Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence Powered Education

Artificial Intelligence Powered-Fashion in Video

Training Area  

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

What is AWS Management Console

Setup AWS Network Firewall

AWS unveils RedShift ML

AWS sees Growth

Training Area  


Microsoft launches Azure Space initiiative

Step-by-Step Resource Health

Azure Space Partners

Microsoft Introduces Azure Health Bot

Azure Cosmos DB goes Serverless

Training Area  

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)

Microsofts New BERT Model


BERT Shattered the Algorithm


Can Deep Learning Models Like BERT

Training Area  


A quick intro to bioinformatics

AI protein-protein algorithm

AlphaFold a solution for Biology

Extraction of protein dynamics information from cryo

Genomics Analysis Moves to the Next Level

Training Area  

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is Fun

Classifying Images with Feature Transformations

Comparing images for similarity

Computer Vision- A Key Concept

Computer Vision for Spatial Analysis

Training Area  

Data Science

Data Science for Startups

Data Science vs Business Intelligence

Data Science vs Data Analytics vs Machine learning vs Artificial Intelligence

Data Science Vs Machine Learning – The Differences and Overlaps

Data Science with Medium Story Stats in Python

Training Area  

Data Visulisation

Data Visualization Guide

Data Visualization and Data Storytelling

Data Visualization Techniques

Data Visualization Best Practices

Data visualization made simple in Python

Training Area  


Introducing Docker Enginne

A Deep Dive into Docker

Understanding Docker from Scratch

How can we easily explain docker compose

Kubernetes VS Docker

Training Area  


Education And Artificial Intelligence

7 Ways AI Is Changing The Education Industry

Can Artificial Intelligence transform higher education

Coding bootcamps are cheap and short

Examples of AI in Education

Training Area  

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform Tutorial

Machine Learning in Production

Easiest way to run Python on google cloud

GCP IAM roles explained

Google releases 3D Object detection

Training Area  


OpenAI GPT3- How it works

GPT3- An AI Game Changer

GPT3- AI can write like human

On GPT-3- OpenAI and API

OpenAI Announces GPT-3 Model for Image Generation

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Keras tutorisl

Create your Own Image Classification Model using Python and Keras

Comparing Classical and Machine Learning Algorithms

Extending the image data genrator in Keras and Tewnsorflow

Object detection using Keras

Training Area  


A beginner guide to Kubernetes

A sysadmin's guide to Kubernetes

An overview of the Kubernetes Container

An overview of the Kubernetes Container

How kubernetes work

Training Area  


Modern Trends in Medical Data Management

A goal-driven model neural network

A Workflow Algorithm to Predict Psychosis


Neuroscience Can Help You Become a Better Leader

Training Area  

Natural Language Processing (NLP)LP

Artificial intelligence vs NLP

Best NLP Tool for SEO

Build Your Own Translation Machine

Clinical Natural Language Processing

Deep learning pipeline for Natural Language Processing

Training Area  


A Jurney from Pandas to Spark Dataframes

Getting Started with Analytics in your Organization

Machine Learning Model Evaluation

Making Sense of AI Landscape

Practical Business Python

Training Area  


A Beginner's guide to Pytorch

A Gentle Introduction to PyTorch

How Pytorch Is Increasingly Being Adopted By Organisations

Linear Regression with PyTorch

PyTorch 3D for Deep Learning

Training Area  

Quantum Technology

Open Quantum Software Ecosystem


Quantum Theory And Artificial Intelligence

Redefine the Power Industry with Quantum Computing

Visualizing Quantum Computation

Training Area  


An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Bayesian Statistics in Trading

Beginners Guide to Continuous Probability Distributions

Inferential Statistics – Sampling Distribution, Central Limit Theorem and Confidence Interval

Statistical Inference

Training Area  


How to deploy Tensorflow Model

Debugging Tensorflow

Guide to Time Series Forecasting using Tensorflow Core

Leveraging TensorFlow-TensorRT integration

Mastering TensorFlow Tensors in 5 Easy Steps

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A brief introduction to A_B Testing

A_B testing for DS

A_B testing Framework

A_B Testing Tutorial

A-B Testing for Marketing

Views about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence provides humans a great relief from doing repetitive tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.


[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. may be more than electricity.


Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being.


AI is working as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT.


AI based applications are being developed/ implemented in various areas like Finanace, Medical, Travel, Manufacturing and Banking etc.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide-ranging tools that enables people to think/rethink as to how we integrate data/information in a meaningful way


News that may be of your interest

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being.


Emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT are getting deeply impacted by AI. In future every gadget is going to have in-built AI


Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Jobs? The answer may be both yes and no. No because there will be huge requirement for trained manpower which will take time..


Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade.


Digital life is augmenting human capacities and disrupting eons-old human activities.


Artificial Intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities.


Humans have a tendency to make things smarter and smarter: the telephone became a smartphone, the wristwatch became a smartwatch etc.etc.