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The future depends on what we do in the present.                      ... Mahatma Gandhi

Monthly Need/Expenses Planning:

Planning your expenses post-retirement is very important. There cannot be a thumb rule for monthly expenses , because they differ from individual to individual, as such, these expenses need to be planned in accordance with your income/requirement, which may be in the form of:

Similarly, it is also necessary to know your monthly expenses, which may be in the form of:

N.B.:   1.There may also be some yearly expenses e.g. Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance etc. That
              must also be taken into account.
           2. Inflation, which always affects the budget/planning must also be factored in, though it is
              very difficult to predict the inflation rate.

The difference between Income and Expenses must always be positive and the net figure should be around Rs.10,000/-. This may be kept as contingency fund.


Vacationing is very delightful and full of pleasure post retirement, provided you don't have any constraints like financial or health etc. This becomes all the more enjoyable if you have right company and sufficient funds.
One can visit various travel websites or contact Travel consultant, who can plan your holidays for the right place with right cost.

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Contingency Fund:

Contingency fund may also be treated as emergency fund, provision for this need to be made , so that in such eventuality, these funds can be used.

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Conclusion :

Here you go!!, So you just did planning for your Monthly needs. :)

You can enjoy your retirement fully if you discipline your spending and review it from time to time.
You can do your retirement planning yourself easily.
If you want more meticulaus planning, you may take the help of a financial planner,who will look into more details and will do perfect planning for you which may be most suitable, but you must involve yourself in this Financial planning.

If required,You may revisit the presentation (Future Value) given in the Saving page.