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The future depends on what we do in the present.                ... Mahatma Gandhi

Buy/Rent Home:

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"Should one buy or rent a home?", is always a question that bothers every one and there is no universal answer, though everybody wants to buy a house.
It all depends on individual's situation, from the state of your savings to whether you're willing to stay in the same place/city etc.

In a matter of time may be a year, or so, your situation could change and so could your answer. When making the decision either to rent or buy a house, there are two broad categories of factors that must be considered.

The first and most obvious category represents the financial aspects of your decision. The second category is a set of personal and emotional factors, which are more intangible but play an important role in the decision to rent or buy. Here, we look at the financial factors, including the initial and ongoing costs as well as the long-term pros and cons of owning your home.

Pros and Cons of Buy / Rent a House.

     Pros -- Buy Your House

1. Own house gives great satisfaction.

2. No hassle of changing the house every now and then.

3. No worry to pay the rent at the beggining of the month.

4. Make changes in the house as and when required.

5. Increase /Decrease in real state market does not bother you.

6. Real State always appreciates.

7. If moving/shifting from that place, one can alyeas give the house on Rent, so additional income.

     Cons -- Rent a House

1. Always worried , when lease tenure nears end.

2. No hassle of paying Property tax.

3. Change/upgrade the house with increase in your status/income.

4. No worry about payment of EMIs.

5. Any problem in the house , just inform the landlord to do the needful.

6. Select/change the house , if not happy.

7. May repent, if not made property in time.

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We have deliberately not provided a calculator as there are number of websites available, to calculate and evaluate both the options before a decision may be made.