AI & ML Learning
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The future depends on how competent you are in AI & ML. If the AI knowledge is good, the future is definitely going to be good.       ...A renowned AI Expert.


Artificial Intelligence is no more a buzzword. It is a need of every Industry, Business and Organisations. Like in the earler days it was said that if you have not computerised your company may soon go out of business, the same words are going to be repeated sooner, than later. Therefore it is pertinent to find ways and means to upskill the employees in genral and specific areas in particular.
Corporates understand the significance of adopting AI/ML at the earliest.At a time when organizations find it increasingly challenging to upskill and reskill their workforce, Corporate Training is becoming the need for getting their employees trained .

Training Area

Corporate Training is something which has always been there and will remain there. because it creates a training environement and in that environment, one learns faster . This way one does not learn only what he needs but many more things which may not occur to him.
The traditional Corporate Training is the answer for any kind of training and so is the case with AI/ML training. An in person training has always been effective and the same is true in case of AI/ML training also. Ths is all the more necessary because AI/ML training has to be practical oriented.
But due to the Pandemic the (in-house) Corporated training is switched to Virtual Training which s equally effective less of personal touch.

Training Area

Because of the Pandemic companies have shifted to virtual training mode. While Corporate trainings are becoming virtual, e-learning or self paced learning is becoming common. In self paced learning mode the learner feels more comformtable, because one can repeat or stay at any particular place till he wants.This enables the upskilling or reskilling of the individual faster.
This portal does exactly the same i.e. it is developed with current needs of the Corporate or an individual who wants to learn AI/ML at his/her own pace.
Training which is always an issue has been dealt with micro details in this portal. All the options provided in the portal are sufficient provided one goes through the portal properly and practice it, till he gets confidence. Any novice with little intelligence can become an AI/ML professional in the shortest possible time.

So it is recommended that all those who want to learn AI/ML must go through the portal to make best use of the portal.

In fact if you have gone through all the options of the portal you will yourself feel how easy it is to learn AI/ML.

It may be seen as the most cost effective ,less time consuming with lesser efforts of employees . The main reason for its effectiveness is e-learning mode where the individual can personalize their learning. This way the learner is going to benefit the most because they will learn what they need. No body has the time to learn every thing whether it is of their use or not.
Still there are professionals who donot have time to go through the self learning mode, for them Corporate Training is provided be it on-line or ofline.

N.B.:Corporate Training may be tailored according to the requirements of the individual organisation.

Views about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence provides humans a great relief from doing repetitive tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.


[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. may be more than electricity.


Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being.


AI is working as the main driver of emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT.


AI based applications are being developed/ implemented in various areas like Finanace, Medical, Travel, Manufacturing and Banking etc.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide-ranging tools that enables people to think/rethink as to how we integrate data/information in a meaningful way


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Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being.


Emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT are getting deeply impacted by AI. In future every gadget is going to have in-built AI


Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Jobs? The answer may be both yes and no. No because there will be huge requirement for trained manpower which will take time..


Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade.


Digital life is augmenting human capacities and disrupting eons-old human activities.


Artificial Intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities.


Humans have a tendency to make things smarter and smarter: the telephone became a smartphone, the wristwatch became a smartwatch etc.etc.